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2015-16 Season

It is hard to believe that we have to start thinking about summer and next season already! But I try to get a summer schedule set over spring break and in order to do that I have to know who is planning on continuing with team next season. If you can please send me an email letting me know if your child plans on continuing on team this summer and fall and if you have any conflicts with any particular days and times in the summer and fall. I try my best to set a schedule that works for everyone but when you are dealing with so many families it is almost impossible! But I always promise to try my best and as soon as I get all of this information the better I can prepare a schedule. As always, if your child does not want to continue with team next year we will continue to coach her as we always do and still prepare her for the end of the season state meets still to come. It will not change anything with us, it will just help us better prepare for everyone for the summer and next season. And remember we always have a place for your child if they want to continue with gym but not with the competitive program.

Sarah Myers

Team Director