Kidsport Gymnastic Academy

Kidsport Gymnastic Academy | 3370 South Church Street | Burlington, NC 27215 | Phone: 336-538-0073

Member Club

Tumbling 1:

6 years old and up

Advance from Kinder-Stars

Ready for more structured instruction

Listens and follows directions

Ready to learn: Forward Rolls, Cartwheels, Handstands, Bridge kick-over's

Learns on: Floor, Tumble-Tramp with Set Lesson Plans

Tumbling Level 2:

6 years old and up

Advances from Tumbling 1, Gymnastics 2 or by evaluation

Listens well and follows directions

Has good concept of a Cartwheel and Handstand

Ready to learn: Back Handspring basics, Front limbers, One-arm cartwheels, Round off back handsprings on tumble-track

Tumbling Level 3:

6 years old and up

Advances from Tumbling 2 or Gymnastics 3

Ready to learn: Round off back handspring on floor, and back tucks on tumble-tramp

Tumbling Level 4:

6 years old and up

Advanced Tumbling. Placed by instructor only.

Back Handspring:

6 years old and up

Must complete skills from Tumbling 1, 2, or 3, or from

Gymnastics 2

Works on concentrated Back handspring skills