Kidsport Gymnastic Academy

Dear Parents,


Kidsport is now OPEN! We are working diligently to create a safe environment for your children. We are looking forward to seeing everyone back in gymnastics class, and we wanted to share with you some of the changes that have taken place at Kidsport over the past few weeks.


Our Staff:

Your children will continue to learn with the same awesome staff. We will be checking all staff temperatures upon arrival to ensure they are healthy and fit to teach your child’s class.


Lesson Plans:

Our lesson plans will continue to be progressive and safe. We have updated our lessons to increase learning and challenge skill development.


Check In Procedure:

Upon arrival to Kidsport, our front doors will be open. We have placed markers on our sidewalk 6 ft apart, and we ask that while one person is checking in, you wait behind the marker. We have a table set up at the door to check your child in to their class. Before entering the facility, all children will have their temperature checked using a forehead thermometer. A normal temperature can range up to 100.4˚ F using this type of thermometer, so anyone with a temperature over 100.4˚ F will be asked to leave.

All children in our preschool classes must now have one parent participate in the class with the child. This is to ensure that the child adheres to our new safety protocols. We encourage parents of our school age program to drop their children off at the front door, however we do have 15 available seats in the front lobby for viewing. These seats will be first come first serve.


Smaller Class Size:

We have reduced the number of classes operating at the same time to limit the number of people in the gym. Additionally, we have decreased our student teacher ratio for all classes. Our preschool classes will have a 4:1 student teacher ratio. Our school age classes will have a 5:1 student teacher ratio. We have also removed some equipment in our facility to increase space for individual learning.


Yoga Mats:

A coach will be stationed in the lobby to lead each child out onto the floor for warm up. We will have yoga mats placed on the floor at designated locations, and each child will use their assigned yoga mat for the duration of class. At the end of the class session, all yoga mats will be disinfected. Additionally, all mats at every station will be disinfected prior to switching rotations. 


Our goal at Kidsport is to be StrongerTogether-SafelyApart. We hope all children are able to return to gymnastics, and that Kidsport can continue to offer a fun, engaging, and safe environment for the children to learn and grow.


Thank you, and we look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Miss Kim

Owner of Kidsport Gymnastics Academy and Kidsport Cheer