Kidsport Gymnastic Academy

Kidsport Gymnastic Academy | 3370 South Church Street | Burlington, NC 27215 | Phone: 336-538-0073

Member Club

Our Training team consist of 4 different classes.

They are by invitation only and here is a description of each class and the day and times they are offered.


Ages 4 & Up This is for 2-4 years olds that show great listening skills and body control! They meet twice a week for 1 hour each class, 2 hours total for the week.

Super Stars

Ages 4 & Up

Super Stars consist of 3-6 year olds that show a great deal of potential by listening well, showing good body awareness and a great deal of strength. Super Stars meet 2 times a week for 1 and a half hours each class.

Training Team

Age 5 & Up

Our basic skills list is growing and so is our attention span! We are getting stronger and more focused on becoming a competitive gymnast one day. Training Team meets 2 times a week for 2 hours each class.