Kidsport Gymnastic Academy

Kidsport Gymnastic Academy | 3370 South Church Street | Burlington, NC 27215 | Phone: 336-538-0073

Member Club

Gymnastics 1:

5 years old and up

New to program or advance from Kinder-Stars Ready for more structured instruction Listens and follows directions Ready to learn: Forward Rolls, Cartwheels, Handstands, Pullovers.

Learns on: Vault, Floor, Bars, Beam, Tramp with Set Lesson Plans

Gymnastics 2:

5 years old and up

Advances from Kinder-Stars or Gym Level 1 New if by evaluation and has skills Listens well and follows directions Has good concept of a Cartwheel and Handstand Can do a Pullover and is comfortable on the High Beam.

Ready to learn: Vault squat on, Back hip circle on bars, split jump on Beam, Round off and Bridge kick-over on floor, plus more.

Gymnastics 3:

5 years old and up

Advances from Gym Level 1 or Gym Level 2

Has a strong Cartwheel, Handstand and Round-Off, can kick-over from a BridgeCan do a Pullover and Back hip CircleCan try to kick to a Handstand on High Beam,Can do a Squat Thru and get to a Handstand on Vault.

Ready to learn: Front mill circle, Single leg shoot through, Forward and Back Roll on Low Beam, Back walk-over on Floor.

Gymnastics 4:

5 years old and up

Advances from Gym Level 3

Must have 80% of Level 3 skills and good concept of the rest.

Ready to learn: Handstand flat back off spring board, Handstand on Beam, 90º split jump on Beam, Hurdle Round Off, Front Mill Circle, Back Handspring down wedge and on Floor, Front Limber and Tick Tock.